Pre-listing Inspection

Pre-listing Inspection Orange County CAWhy Should I Have A Orange County Pre-Listing Home Inspection?

Before putting a home or property on the market, it is important to have it pre-inspected. A pre-listing home inspection offers a report as to the state of the property before selling. In other words, it enables the seller to reveal any suspicions that might interfere with a sale. The inspection covers all areas of a home including the outside yard, structure, exterior surfaces, interior, bathrooms, kitchen, and all home systems. A pre-listing home inspection is among the services offered by Valuespec Home Inspection Service.

Benefits of  a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

1. A pre-listing home inspection helps to avoid any form of delays or potential problems during the process of selling the property. Pre-listing inspection on a property makes the selling process quick and smooth. Performing the inspection at the beginning of the sale minimizes any obstacle that might hinder a potential sale at the early stage of the process.

2. The inspection will help to identify defects and recommend repairs on time. It will assist the seller to handle the repairs before listing and, thereby, make the listing more attractive. It means a faster sale and more money to the seller. In fact, making repairs on time will help to limit objections over the defects during the negotiations.

3. A pre-listing inspection is an important pricing tool. A complete and well-detailed inspection report helps the seller to arrive at a realistic price.

Jeff Pagenkopp is very professional and was very thorough in performing our home inspection. The inspection gave us confidence in purchasing our home because it gave us an awareness of what needed to be upgraded in the home. Thank you, Jeff and Valuespec for your services. If you’re planning on buying a home go with Valuespec to do your home inspection. They’re honest! – Review of Valuespec Home Inspection Service By Patrick Cabral

An Orange County Pre Listing Home Inspection helps both the seller and the buyer. The seller can immediately see what issues they have and what’s the solution to that problem.  On the part of the purchaser, he will find that the seller went the extra effort to have an inspection done, so they feel more confident in their buying decision.

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Perfecting the art of home inspection with over 30 years of combined real estate and construction experience, listed below are our top-notch Orange County home inspection services:

Our team of professionals at Valuespec Home Inspection Service has been providing Orange County, CA residents some of the most thorough and accurate information using cutting-edge home inspection technology – thermal imaging, aerial drone photography, and moisture meter reading. With a solid 35-year construction industry knowledge, we give each of our clients a greater sense of confidence in their buying decision by identifying issues that, if left unchecked, could cost them so much money down the drain.

At Valuespec Home Inspection Service, your best Orange County Home Inspection Company,  we know what it means to have a good understanding of the condition of a property you’re looking to buy. So whether you want a more comprehensive termite testing, sewer scope evaluation, or a whole house inspection, our licensed and certified Orange County home inspectors are here to help. We offer first-rate home inspections to clients in Garden Grove, Cypress, Long Beach, Los Angeles County, Orange County, and Riverside County, California.

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