Curb appeal is one of the most important aspects when selling your home. If your house looks good from the street, you’ll gain momentum with prospective buyers. Elements of curb appeal include the mailbox, yard, driveway, roof, siding, and entrance. Address each of these areas before you list your home for sale to improve curb appeal.

Improve the Entryway

The entryway is often the focal point of the house. The door should pop and the front porch should be clean and tidy. Comfortable outdoor furniture and a colorful doormat make the come feel more welcoming and inviting.

Make Roof Repairs to Improve Curb Appeal

A roof with clogged gutters and missing shingles drags down the appearance of the whole home. Clean the gutters, and while you are at it, brush leaves and branches off the roof. Fix missing shingles or any other roof problems like cracked flashing. To a potential buyer, a roof that looks like it’s on its last legs is a red flag.

Take Care of the Siding

The siding takes up most of the home’s exterior, so it has a big impact on curb appeal. Your siding may need to be painted or simply pressure washed. Perhaps the paint looks good but the trim around the windows needs to be touched up. Stand back and take a look at the siding to decide what needs to be done for it to look its best.

Address the Mailbox

When a buyer approaches the home, the mailbox may be the first thing they see up close. A dented and rusty mailbox with peeling paint leaves a sad first impression. It’s worth the effort to make your mailbox look brand new, even if that means replacing it. Create a small flower bed around the base of the mailbox, outlined with stones or pavers.

Improve Curb Appeal With Landscaping

Professional landscaping offers one of the best returns-on-investment. Buyers find a manicured and well-designed yard appealing because it means less work for them. Fertilize the lawn, edge flower beds, trim back shrubs, and pull weeds.

Driveways, Walkways, and Sidewalks

Address the paved areas of your property. If they are chipped, cracked, or stained, do some restoration work to improve how they look. Repairing cracks and holes in driveways and walkways also improves safety because people are less likely to trip and fall.

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