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home inspection orange county by Valuespec Home Inspection ServiceOrange County is one of the most popular suburban areas in southern California. Conveniently located between San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino, Orange County prides itself on offering some of the best places for all types of lifestyles. With an estimated population of over 3.1 million, residents enjoy the pleasures of the big city life, gorgeous beaches, and mountain escape making it a prime location for young professionals, established families, retirees, and tourists.

Buying your dream home in Orange County is an overwhelming, yet exciting phase in building a better future for you and your family. It probably is your biggest investment. And just as important as choosing a realtor, you want a professional Orange County home inspector who is knowledgeable about the community you want to live in. One who has the expertise and technology to bring you some of the best home inspection services. Our pros at Valuespec Home Inspection Service are equipped and committed to helping you make an informed decision on buying the home that best fits your needs. Thus, making your home purchase a smooth transaction for you so that you can focus on what matters most – your family.

Here are the Orange County home inspection services we provide based on what your home needs.

Valuespec Home Inspection Service Our Los Angeles Home Inspection Services1. Home Inspection.

Our team of professionals at Valuespec Home Inspection Service will give you some of the most comprehensive Orange County home inspection services with an only accurate and unbiased detailed report. You can expect complete findings and necessary recommendations to be performed to repair issues found, maintain structural and functional integrity, and control to avoid any further issues.

2. Buyer’s Inspection.

When you’re preparing to buy your dream home, a home inspection will give you clear insights into the property’s current condition and what needs attention – repairs, maintenance, and improvements.

3. Pre-listing Inspections.

Having your home inspected and ready to sell before listing it on the market will help avoid any potential issues that may delay the sales process. It is a seller’s pricing tool that will show a potential buyer how well the property has been taken care of. The seller will then know what improvements they need to make before the sale. A pre-listing inspection will help the seller arrive at a realistic list price and even prepare for negotiations.

4. Drone Services.

Areas in the home that are inaccessible due to limitations that include height can prevent a home inspector to assess and evaluate. We understand that the roof is a vital part of the home as it provides protection and insulation for your family. Having our Orange County home inspectors get that “bird’s eye” view of your roof will help protect one of your biggest investments.

5. Mobile Home Inspections.

Mobile homes have been becoming a popular real estate alternative for affordability. It has lower-cost repairs and maintenance It also has more luxury home improvement options, among other reasons. Buyers and sellers recognize the need for a home inspection for typical single-family homes or apartments. But prefabricated or mobile homes wouldn’t be of any less importance than the services we provide for site-built properties.

6. Sewer Scope Services.

The sewer line is another important system of the home that is often overlooked. The sewer scope service will allow our professionals to take a look at the interior of the pipe. They can check on what may be obstructing it, and its overall condition. Cutting-edge equipment will be used in the process to thoroughly assess and accurately evaluate the sewer line. This will also include a cleanout of the basement, crawlspaces, and sewer line exits of the house.


“Jeff Pagenkopp is very professional and was very thorough in performing our home inspection. The inspection gave us confidence in purchasing our home because it gave us an awareness of what needed to be upgraded in the home. Thank you Jeff and Valuespec for your services. If you’re planning on buying a home go with Valuespec to do your home inspection. They’re honest!” – Review of Valuespec Home Inspection Service By Patrick Cabral

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Our team of professionals at Valuespec Home Inspection Service has been providing Orange County, CA residents some of the most thorough and accurate information using cutting-edge home inspection technology – thermal imaging, aerial drone photography, and moisture meter reading. With a solid 35-year construction industry knowledge, we give each of our clients a greater sense of confidence in their buying decision by identifying issues that, if left unchecked, could cost them so much money down the drain.

At Valuespec Home Inspection Service, your best Orange County Home Inspection Company,  we know what it means to have a good understanding of the condition of a property you’re looking to buy. So whether you want a more comprehensive termite testing, sewer scope evaluation, or a whole house inspection, our licensed and certified Orange County home inspectors are here to help. We offer first-rate home inspections to clients in Garden Grove, Cypress, Long Beach, Los Angeles County, Orange County, and Riverside County, California.

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